Is friendship the biggest gift in one's life??

" Friendship is the biggest gift in one's life". Every time I read this phrase, I feel it is  a farce in today's  day and age. Does real friendship exist? This is materialistic world, people have no time for themselves, how can they have time for their friends? It reminds me of poem Brook". The journey of life is just  like the river " Brook" where the river flows perennial without any expectations. It's ultimate goal is to emerge with the sea. During the journey, it carries leaves, fishes, flowers, sand and many more things. Our life resembles the same. It's better we continue the journey without much expectations from friends and families. 

Care costs nothing!

People say working with kids is like 'therapy". Kids generate a lot of positivity. Their smile is quite infectious and can make you feel happy in a grave situation. I have been working with kids for almost a decade and I believe it. They have the power to make you feel younger every day. One feels rejuvenated in their company. I have learned many things from them.  " Beverly" was a nine- year old boy who knew how to live his life without any regrets and complains. Beverly lost his parents when he was a year old. He was brought up by his uncle and aunt. His aunt was not so generous to him and maltreated him at every given opportunity. He never made people realize that behind every smile there was a dreadful incident hidden. Every day he greeted me at school with a broad smile. Over a period of time, I had developed a soft corner for this boy in spite of repetitive warnings from my colleagues. I was given sermons for hours altogether to understand the professional

Cheap tickets to hell

People say that "Service to mankind is the only way to reach god". But now a days people see a very little depth in this statement. An ill or an old person tends to become a money minting gadget. Whether be a renowned hospital or nursing home there is no way one can expect a decent medical service without spending a huge lump some amount. Medical services have become very expensive and unaffordable in india. Only upper class people can afford the luxury treatment at a renowned hospital . The middle class and poor people struggle very hard to get a decent treatment . It is quite disappointing to see the treatment provided by the low cost private nursing homes or hospitals running in most of the cities in India. I would like to share my personal experience regarding this, which I have recently come across. My friend recently underwent uterus repair surgery in a private nursing home in Hyderabad. I was shocked to see the basic amenities provided by the nursing

Free Wheeling Life

No two human souls are same. Differences always crop up in every family where ever there are too many expectations , love and caring. But what we fail to understand is that no body is perfect and we need to compromise in every relationship. People fail to understand the basic concept of being together and the depth of a relation. If it doesnot work ,they end up breaking the relation. Relations are delicate and fragile like glass ware, once broken cannot be mended ever again. The same implies with the child's mind. The child 's brain is like a clay which we can mould the way we want. The child does not understand the world of adults. For the child the world is full of roses without any thorns, but when the child grows he or she understands the life. It is very complicated and any relation needs to be nurtured from time to time. But why give the child the bitter experience of dissociation in a relationship so soon. For our own benefits , we snatch away the childhood from

Hello world

I have recently joined the world of bloggers. I hope, I will be able to convey my thoughts and feelings cleraly and precisely to you which will penetrate your hearts directly.